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The partner activation platform.

Channel marketers hate running incentive programs.

Long lead time to develop campaigns

Heavy administration for coms, tracking, and rewards

Disjointed Partner Experience (PX) across multiple systems

Low seller participation

Quarterly campaign cycles compound all of the above

IncentivePilot offers a better way to activate partners.

Simple, fun partner activation campaigns

Turnkey programs and rewards reduce admin efforts

Integrated with PRM for a seamless PX

Gamified activations automate participant touchpoints

Fun incentive campaigns with serious results.


31x ROI


"Our PRM engagement doubled and we saw more trainings, sample requests, social media postings, and account mapping calls in as little as six weeks. Partners want to play games at work, it’s that simple.”

—Tayler Blanc, Sr. Channel Marketing Manager


Case Study

300x ROI

logo-confidential (5)

"Just wow. We boosted revenue by $69M in only three weeks with IncentivePilot's Whodunnit game. We have never seen engagement like this before IncentivePilot. The best part was getting up and running was so easy.”

— Claire L., Sales Enablement Lead


Case Study

Integrated experiences within your PRM.

Single sign-on and integration with popular PRM platforms

Ecosystem campaigns within PRM to centralize the PX

Create new behaviors within PRM that increase impact


Scalable quarter over quarter to amplify influence and impact.

Configure for any channel seller behavior

Several options with a growing library to keep things fresh

Options for digital rewards streamlines fulfillment

Turnkey reporting to track progress and results