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Incentive Programs and Sales Contests with massive ROI.

Incentive programs have low engagement and poor results.

Long Timelines

Programs are designed for quarterly enterprise budgets, not for rep engagement.

Ineffective Communication

Sales reps send 94 emails a day. Program messaging doesn't cut through the noise.

Boring Old Formats

The top performers win. The majority of reps become unengaged and apathetic.

Why don't things change?

Too Much Time

Program managers have to coordinate with management for approval, vendors for materials and prizes, and hundreds or thousands of reps for administation.

Too Much Risk

Since running a contest takes so much time and energy, there is no space for experimentation, and in turn, innovation.


What if program managers had the
tools to experiment?

Then programs could have...

Long Snappy Timelines

Short timelines that keep reps engaged and focused on the goal.

Ineffective Compelling Communications

Automate attention-grabbing communication with technology.

Boring Old Fresh New Formats

A repeatable process to consistently create fresh, engaging experiences.

That's why we built IncentivePilot.

Hundreds of Hours Saved

“IncentivePilot saves us 40+ hours a month.”

Experimentation Fuels Innovation

“We replaced the entire workload of a team member. Now she can focus on new ideas!"

Engagement (and Revenues) Skyrocket

The Incentive Research Foundation: “Incentive programs can boost performance by anywhere from 25 to 44%.” IncentivePilot consistently sees 75%+ performance boosts.


Remote Results at Scale
$69M in Three Weeks

Show me the data!

We ran an interactive mystery game with one of the top ten tech companies.

  • The contest ran for three weeks in the summer of 2021.
  • Over 800 reps were invited to participate in the gamified contest.
  • 63% engaged with the contest (not just the high performers).
  • Engaged reps generated an average of $137,661 in additional revenue or 83.6% more revenue than unengaged reps.
  • The total additional revenue generated by engaged reps was $69,381,319.
  • The total administration time by all parties was less than six hours.
  • Our client made three hundred times their initial investment (300x+ ROI).

Are You Planning for 2022?

In about 15 minutes, we can show you:

  • The game we used to get an 83% performance boost.
  • The admin tools that save managers hundreds of hours per year.
  • Our repeatable process for fresh programs with consistent engagement.