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Data Center Power Weeks
Collaborate and complete a Connect4

How to Score     |     Game Board

How to Score

Complete the following and Spin the Wheel!

  • When you have completed a Connect4, fill out the form below.
  • FMM team will verify your Connect4 by confirming deal IDs, orders, social media post, webinar invite, etc.
  • Once your Connect4 is approved, you will receive a notification that you can Spin the Wheel to earn your prize! FMM team will be notified of your Prize and recognition during Power Week Huddles.

Spin the Wheel to earn one of the following!

  • $100 Amazon Gift Card, $50 Amazon Gift Card, $25 Gift Card of Your Choice, Wireless headphones, Power Switch power bank, Bluetooth Lantern, or a Power Up Bluetooth water bottle
  • (You are allowed to complete more than 1 Connect4 per week, however, you can only earn a max of a $100 in gift cards per week.)

Game Board


Connect4 and win!

When you have completed any four missions that complete a Connect4 straight line you will be rewarded with a chance to spin a for additional prizes! Complete the form below for approval by your segment FMM.