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Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket

Earn rewards and Golden Ticket bonuses by selling Intel Gold and Platinum processors in Q4 2020.

Contest Overview

Complete sales tasks to earn rewards. As a bonus, for every 3 missions you complete, you'll receive a Willy Wonka chocolate bar which has a chance of containing a Golden Ticket!

Winners of a Golden Ticket will earn a $100 bonus reward.

Earning Rewards

  • Attend a Lunch and Learn - $20 Reward
  • Take a Training covering Intel Gold and Platinum Processors - $20 Reward
  • Re-engage 10 cold leads - $10 Reward
  • Use #BlackFriday in a LinkedIn Post - $10 Reward
  • Sell Intel Gold Processor to a new account - $50 Reward
  • Sell Intel Platinum Processor to a new account - $50 Reward

Contest Parameters

  • All rewards will be sent through the Incentive Pilot platform
  • Only US Based reps will be eligible for rewards
  • Maximum amount earned per rep is limited to $500

Microsoft WinPro JMA Funding Compliance Disclosure: Funding period for WinPro JMA used 11/4/2020 to 12/11/2020