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Increase partner engagement by 20%+ in 90 days. Guaranteed.

Activate partners, engage partners, and enable partners. Incentivize new behavior with magnetic channel campaigns inside or outside your PRM.

Get 1,000%+ ROI like Kensington

Gamified Campaigns

Gamified Campaigns

Engage partners with gamified campaigns that drive new behavior.

Get the critical touchpoints you need on the activities that grow pipeline and revenue.



Integrate with your channel software tech stack for a seamless PX.

Engage your partners where they already are. Leverage single sign-on (SSO) and APIs to automate engagement in your PRM or anywhere your partners are.

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Manage partner incentives effortlessly.

Serious engagement no longer takes serious investment. Automate your campaigns so partner engagement is fun and easy for you as well as your partners.

See the platform generating 1,000% ROI for channel leaders.


What channel leaders are saying


"Our PRM engagement doubled and we saw more trainings, sample requests, social media postings, and account mapping calls in as little as six weeks. Partners want to play games at work, it’s that simple.”

—Tayler Blanc, Sr. Channel Marketing Manager