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Games, Rewards & Engagement for scale.

Transform your contests and campaigns into high engagement profit machines (that just happen to be a lot of fun).


Get mindshare at scale, in-house or in the channel.


Enterprise Sales Rep Engagement


Boost to Engaged Rep Revenue


In three weeks with gamification. Seriously.


Hours Saved per Month on Program Admin


"Just wow. We boosted revenue by $69M in only three weeks with IncentivePilot's Whodunnit game."

Claire L. • Fortune 100 Sales Enablement

Eliminate the busywork.

At an enterprise scale, program logistics are painful. IncentivePilot empowers you to deploy new programs in seconds, automatically manage communications, and send instant digital rewards to qualifying reps.

erik elliot (1)

"IncentivePilot has taken all the admin work out of these contests and given me back over 40 hours a month."

Erik E.• Fortune 100 Sales Enablement


Gamify rep mindshare.

Earning the attention of your sales reps is harder than ever. IncentivePilot's gamified contests and optimized messaging get 65%+ enterprise rep engagement so you always have eyeballs on your latest initiatives.


"Just wow. We boosted revenue by $69M in only three weeks with IncentivePilot's Whodunnit game."

Claire L.• Fortune 100 Sales Enablement

Instantly deliver perfect prizes.

It’s impossible to select the perfect gift for every rep. With IncentivePilot, winning reps choose the rewards they want from a library of over 190+ digital gift cards.

michelle Gray Mooney (1)

"The digital gift card redemptions do all the heavy lifting for the managers. It’s a real winner!"

Michelle G.• Fortune 100 Channel


Prove massive ROI.

You know that more engagement equals more revenue (you know it can be 300x+). Remove any doubt in the C-Suite with IncentivePilot's analytics and reporting designed for finance folks.


"The IncentivePilot platform has allowed our team to run Sales Contests for 500+ reps and distribute over $50,000 in rewards during the Covid hiring freeze. The efficiencies of the platform have replaced the workload of an entire team member."

Victoria L.• Fortune 100 Sales Enablement

How IncentivePilot Works

Step 1

Get a demo to activate your account.

Step 2

Invite your reps and set up your first contest in minutes.

Step 3

Reward your reps and watch engagement soar.