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Gamified Campaigns

Gamified Campaigns

Game-changing ecosystem engagement.

Incentivize partner reps with gamified campaigns and expedited rewards fulfillment while delivering serious results for your business.

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Gamified Campaigns

Gamified Campaigns

Touchpoints: The science behind high-performing programs.

After running hundreds of programs with millions of dollars invested, we've learned that getting a critical number of quality touchpoints with partners is the single most important factor for a program’s success.

Automated, integrated gamification is the key to getting the critical touchpoints with sellers for a fraction of the traditional campaign investment of time and money.

Gamified Campaigns that are as effective as they are fun.


More gamified campaigns coming soon!



Seamlessly integrate IncentivePilot activations into your PRM for a great PX.

Campaigns can live organically inside your PRM with single sign-on (SSO). There are no new domains, no new accounts, and no friction — just partner engagement where you need it.

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See the platform generating 25x ROI for channel leaders.


What channel leaders are saying


"Our PRM engagement doubled and we saw more trainings, sample requests, social media postings, and account mapping calls in as little as six weeks. Partners want to play games at work, it’s that simple.”

—Tayler Blanc, Sr. Channel Marketing Manager