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Dell PO Calculator

IncentivePilot's Service Fee is taken on the Purchase Order (PO) Total. Enter your budget in either the PO Total field or the Gift Card Total field to accurately calculate the correct amounts for your Statement of Work (SOW).

Service Fee (6.75%): $67.50
(Optional) Advanced Funds fee. A one-time fee of is 1.5% is subtracted from the SOW total. Funds will be available within 1-2 business days after the PO has been approved.

Submitting a Purchase Order

  • Create SOW for your program using the Dell-approved SOW template. The process for procuring the IncentivePilot services will follow the Marcom process for the creation of SOW.
    • NDA = 10016036 effective date 7/5/2021
    • TAGS = 223
    • Important! In the SOWs Pricing section > Fixed Fee sub-section, be sure to include the IncentivePilot funding account you want the funds sent to
  • Once the SOW is dual signed by Dell Budget Manager + IncentivePilot (Brad Wiatr –, request a PR in the Ariba tool using the below fee schedule:
    • Software
      • 6.75% of total SOW for the IncentivePilot fee
      • (Optional) Additional 1.5% of total SOW for the Advanced Funds fee
    • Marcom
      • Spend needs to fall under commodity selection “Incentives” within Ariba
  • Once the PO is approved and in Ariba, IncenivePilot should review, approve, and invoiced within 48 hours.
  • Once the PO has been invoiced, have your budget manager receipt in full ASAP
    • Important! This will trigger the 30 days repayment period for when IncentivePilot is paid for the PO
    • With bank transfer time, funds are typically available to spend within 35-45 days after a PO has been receipted in full.