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Channel Leaders: You're one step away from learning how to solve your partner engagement problem. Guaranteed.

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Watch Video • Schedule a Call • Increase partner engagement by 20% in 90 days. Guaranteed.

What you'll learn on the Strategy Call.

The Science of Partner Engagement

The Science of Partner Engagement

Unlock the key metrics of driving mindshare at scale using the new partner engagement paradigm.

Activating Dormant Partners

Activating Dormant Partners

Boost engagement across your entire partner population. Get more out of every single segment.

The Hard New: Incentives & Spiffs

The New Data: Incentives & Spiffs

You're likely paying too much. See the new data and learn how to look at incentives in the year 2024.

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You don’t need any special marketing background or experience.

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You don't need to spend countless hours meeting with our team or yours.

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You don't need a PRM or any other existing channel technology.

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All you need is a desire to drastically increase partner engagement and we'll guide you each step of the way.

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You’ll learn the most effective marketing strategies to engage partners like never before. Guaranteed.

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There’s nothing like IncentivePilot's campaigns or results anywhere else.

What channel leaders like you are saying:


M'hamed Barradouane • Channel Marketing at Atlassian

“We launched the 'Space Invasion' campaign, and the results were nothing short of phenomenal. We saw a staggering 268% increase in total partner base logins. IncentivePilot transformed our partner engagement strategy. It not only boosted portal adoption but also fostered a more motivated and productive partner community.”


Claire L. • Marketing at a Fortune 100

“Just wow. Participating sellers generated an additional $69 million in only three weeks with IncentivePilot's Whodunnit campaign. It doesn't get easier or more effective than this. It's like engagement on autopilot.”


Chris P. • Datacenter Marketing at a Fortune 100

"I am proud to say that $93 million in pipeline is directly tied to the IncentivePilot campaign. This kind of direct impact on our bottom line is something that we could not have achieved without the help of IncentivePilot and their gamified plug-and-play campaigns."


Tayler Blanc • Channel Marketing at Kensington

“IncentivePilot took our channel engagement to the next level by giving us a unique way to engage with our partners resulting in key behavioral changes. Our PRM engagement more than doubled and we saw more trainings, sample requests, social media postings, and account mapping calls in as little as six weeks. Partners want to play games at work, it’s that simple.”


Robert H. • Marketing at a Fortune 100

"We really like the Incentive Pilot platform. It’s performed great and hits our lofty 10-to-1 ROI expectations. On top of that, it’s done wonders for our workflow and productivity. The support team is top-notch too and has been incredibly helpful and responsive to requests. We’re locked in and excited to expand the program to other sales divisions within our organization."


Erik E. • Sales Enablement at a Fortune 100

"I was having to procure and manage hundreds of rewards for various sales contests, on top of that support for the gift cards was turning into a nightmare. Incentive pilot has taken all the admin work out of these contests and given me back over 40 hours a month."


Victoria L. • Sales Enablement at a Fortune 100

"The IncentivePilot platform has allowed our team to run campaigns for 500+ sellers and distribute over $50,000 in rewards with ease. The efficiencies of the platform has replaced the workload of an entire team member and allowed us to focus on creativity and innovation within the contests."


Caryl S. • Channel Marketing at a Fortune 100

"These folks know their stuff and know how to deliver a fabulous product/end result. The entire partner and administrator experience was flawless. These guys are the best to work with - fun and professional - all rolled into one. Any future project that come my way, my first call will be to IncentivePilot. You just can’t go wrong with this team. A real gem and a tremendous partner to our organization."


Michelle M. • Channel Support at a Fortune 100

"Everyone loved participating - the partners got really into it! The campaign created a jovial environment that was really nice to experience. To top it off, the digital gift card redemptions do all the heavy lifting for the managers. It’s a real winner!"


Amy K. • Alliance Manager at a Fortune 100

"It’s been a joy working with IncentivePilot! They have such a fantastic breadth of knowledge on all things technical and are always able to come up with creative and custom solutions to solve the problem at hand. They’re responsive, on-time, and incredibly easy to work with. They’ve always exceeded my expectations."

Here's what's included.

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Establish a new partner engagement paradigm.

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Drive new partner activity on autopilot.

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Activate dormant partners and increase engagement with every single partner segment.

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Increase partner engagement by 20%+ in 90 days (most customers increase by 100%+).

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Achieve insane ROI (most customers achieve over 1,000%+).

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Run campaigns with unprecedented results.

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Save budget on incentives and prizes (hint: they don't work how you think).

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Master your mindshare and experiment with new ideas.

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Automate your most important initiatives and grow like crazy.

The Endgame? You engage partners like never before. Drive new activity that grows pipeline and revenue every single quarter.

We guarantee increased engagement so it's risk free. Customers get access to a team of partner experience experts, partner engagement best practices, and the latest data every step of the way.

If you want to transform your longtail partners from a source of frustration and silence to a source of activity and revenue, schedule a call today.

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