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IncentivePilot Case Study:
3 Weeks/300x ROI

Enterprise enablement, marketing, and revenue teams are replacing entire workloads and saving over 40 hours a month on logistics. Those savings are just the beginning.


IncentivePilot’s Whodunnit game skyrocketed revenue in just three weeks.


Enterprise Sales Rep Engagement


Boost to Engaged Rep Revenue


Additional Revenue Generated


Return on Program Investment.


"Just wow. We boosted revenue by $69M in only three weeks with IncentivePilot's Whodunnit game."

Claire L. • Fortune 100 Sales Enablement

How Claire made $69M in 3 weeks with IncentivePilot's Whodunnit game.

Here are the key take-aways:

  • The Whodunnit game ran for 3 weeks in the Summer 2021
  • Sales reps who hit their goals were rewarded with game clues and gift cards
  • Reps used their clues to solve the mystery game and were entered to win a grand prize
  • 63% of the enterprise sales reps engaged
  • Engaged reps produced $137,661 more revenue per rep, an 83.6% boost
  • The total additional revenue generated was $69,381,319.

Watch Claire's IncentivePilot story below!


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