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Whodunnit? LinkedIn Challenge

Post on LinkedIn and solve the messy mystery starting June 6th.


Solve the case. Win up to $250!

We won't email you about anything else. For reals.

Here's how it works!


Complete fun and easy LinkedIn activities from June 6th–10th, 2022.

Earn daily clues for each activity you complete.


Each clue you earn will make it easier to solve the mystery.

Players who solve the mystery will be entered to win prizes up to $250!


Do you have any questions?

Is it really free? What's the catch?

Yes, it's free. There is no catch. It's just for fun. We'll never contact you about anything else.

Is there more than one prize?

Oh yeah. If you play, you may be surPRIZED!

If I win, what are my gift card choices?

There are over 190 options in the United States to choose from including Amazon and Visa.

Why are you doing this?

We want to encourage people to be themselves and have some fun in professional environments like LinkedIn. It’s also a great opportunity to share our Whodunnit game and get feedback.

What is my purpose?

We don’t know but making a big deal out of a fantasy food mystery can't be too far off.

It's free. We'll never spam you.

We won't email you about anything else. For reals.