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Case Study

Case Study: How Claire made $69M in three weeks.

Claire ran the Whodunnit activation with over 800 sellers. She achieved 63% participation and boosted revenue by $69,381,319 in just three weeks.


Case Study

Getting mindshare at scale with gamified activation campaigns.

In enterprise sales enablement, it's all about getting mindshare at scale. Most sellers offer over 1,000 SKUs to their customers. How do you move the needle on one product line, exactly when you need to?

Claire's Whodunnit game awarded clues to sellers who hit their revenue goals each week. The game provided multiple touchpoints that kept Claire's program top of mind for a groundbreaking three-week campaign.

Whodunnit's stellar performance.


Participation in the Campaign


Boost to Engaged Rep Revenue


Additional Revenue Generated


Return on Total Program Investment

“Just wow. We boosted revenue by $69M in only three weeks with IncentivePilot's Whodunnit game. We have never seen engagement like this before IncentivePilot. The best part was getting up and running was so easy.”


Claire L.

Sales Enablement Lead at a Fortune 100 Technology Company

See the platform doubling partner engagement.


What channel leaders are saying


"Our PRM engagement doubled and we saw more trainings, sample requests, social media postings, and account mapping calls in as little as six weeks. Partners want to play games at work, it’s that simple.”

—Tayler Blanc, Sr. Channel Marketing Manager