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Gamified & Automated Channel Incentives

In this ebook, learn how Channel Marketing Managers can:

  • Use gamification to generate 73% enterprise rep engagement
  • Use automation to save upwards of 40 hours a month on the administration of incentive programs
  • Achieve huge boosts in performance results with fun and stress-free programs

IncentivePilot’s gamification drives reps to action that skyrockets revenue.


Enterprise Sales Rep Engagement


Engaged Rep Revenue Boost


Hours Saved per Month on Program Admin


Return on Program Investment. Seriously.

Gamify rep mindshare.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Hear from Claire, who used our game, Whodunnit? (a non-violent version of a famous whodunnit game you probably played as a kid) to achieve ROI of 300x:

Get Gamified Channel Incentives Today!

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Step 3

Reward your reps and watch engagement soar.